It's been a hard year for all of us and I have really missed my classes this year so I decided to start a Group Singing Class online every Thursday Evening at 6pm, for more information please feel free to contact me at


  Lilli has been a vocal coach  for over 6 years now, she focuses mainly on confidence building as when she was younger she was extremely shy and it took a lot for her to overcome it to get to where she is today. She would like to share the confidence building skills she has learnt along her singing journey. 


She truly believes that anyone can sing as long as they have the passion for it, you may not be the next Barbra Streisand but with learning the correct techniques you will be able to improve your singing to a level that you can feel confident enough to perform. 


Lilli has two groups that she teahes  

Meadow Croft Melody Makers, Musical Theatre Group, at The Age UK Meadow Croft Centre, Bromborough Vllage, Wirral UK, Tuesdays Mornings 10am to 12pm. Each class costs £3.50

The Meadow Croft Melody Makers, Musical Theatre Group (Try saying that 5 times fast, it’s a great tongue twister) are a very unique group that started out as a singing group over 5 years ago then over time they introduced drama on the request of the group members. Lilli's teaching style is quite unique, she teaches how to warm up and use techniques correctly, and sometimes use some of her drama background to assist with the confidence side, but the direction the classes go in is completely in the hands of the group. They choose the material they use and this lead them to do their first Pantomine Cinderella, and since then they have done The Christmas Carol and Aladdin. In 2018 they took a completely different approach when they did an issue based piece on the struggles of loneliness for the older generations.


This year they have created their own Pantomine called Once Upon an Old Timer, which is about a nursing home for fairy-tale characters that is under threat of closure and to save it they must do that age old cliché of putting on a show. They are an incredible bunch and every show is always full of fun and laughter and a real treat for all ages. The Pantomine will be performed at The Age UK Meadow Croft Centre, Bromborough Vllage, Wirral UK, Tickets are £2 to book please call 0151 482 3456


The Greaseby Melody Makers, at Greaseby Community Centre Tuesday afternoon 3:50pm to 4:50pm, £3. These guys have not been going for quite as long as the meadow croft class, and it is a class that focus’ completely on singing, they perform throughout the year at different charity events with Lilli in a choir format but they are not a choir, the classes are more focused on improving your vocal skills, and again the group choose the material we perform. All Welcome. 

Lilli also so teaches privately any age £15 for an hour. These are more catered to the individual in these lessons Lilli will assess your vocal ability, help you discover your vocal style and range and guide you on your desired singing journey.